Web application framework: What it is, how it works, and why you need it

Web application frameworkThe idea of creating rich and wide functionality of modern web apps seems overwhelming. There are tools that can make web application development easier, and not through mere explanations but by providing a basis to build a web app on. A web application framework is one of such tools, and this blog shows what it is all about and why it is needed.

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What is web application framework?

Web application framework is a framework that is used to develop and deploy web-enabled applications. It is designed to support the development of web applications including web services, web resources and web APIs. The web framework aims to automate the overhead cost related with core activities performed in web development.

Starting from simple blogs to complex AJAX-rich applications, every page on the web was created by writing this code.

Nowadays, many developers are interested in learning a web framework like Flask or Django but before that first they need to understand what a web framework is, what their purpose is, or how they work.

Let’s see how a typical web application flow looks like:

  • User triggers a request to the web server over the Internet, via a web browser or the application’s user interface
  • Web server forwards this request to the related web application server and then it returns the requested data
  • Web application server sends results to the web server with the requested information
  • Web server reply back to the client with the requested information

Why web application framework is needed?

Since a web application framework is usually a set of libraries and tools that help to build a high quality and robust web app, as it requires higher programming skills. It offers more freedom for implementation starting from scratch, a web application framework is a perfect fit for experienced developers.

Benefits of web application framework:

  • Web applications run on multiple platforms irrespective of different OS or device
  • All users access the same version, eliminating any compatibility issues
  • They are not installed on the hard drive, thus eliminating space limitations
  • They reduce costs for both the businesses and end users

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