The Challenge

Salt IT Solutions came to Blackmint with a number of goals for driving SEO campaign, and to gain more leads. They needed an entirely new website with increase visitors and traffic that will increase their ROI.
The client was lacking a seamless website experience across and less visitors. Furthermore, without an SEO strategy, they were losing market share in a highly competitive and market that was beginning to explode.
Our mission heading into the project was to:

1. Design and develop the website that was as user-friendly on the frontend as it was in the WordPress backend.

2. Create not only a website, but a foundation for the brand to utilize as a means of generating brand awareness to a retargeted audience .

3. Create a user friendly marketplace that looked great in terms of design, and was also built for efficient marketing.

4. Create a solid CRM system and efficiently working ERP solutions that will bring leads to the business.

60 Pieces Of Secured Coverage

40 Average Domain Authority

9,000 Social Shares

942,500 Estimated Coverage View

The Strategy

Our strategy derived from that of a Dropbox or Silicon Valley portfolio site… Simple, elegant, and effective. It was important to stay on brand with a simultaneous change in branding, which posed a huge problem when trying to work quickly. We created an experience unlike anyone elses with contemporary elements, high scrolling effects, and strategic UI.
For SEO, first we tackled the technical issues by running a deep crawl and technical analysis of the entire site. A 301-redirect map was organized and implemented to redirect broken URLs to the new existing pages.

Finally, we optimized all the location pages with relevant title tags, meta descriptions, and H1 Headers. We implemented more content to the pages to help users find out more information about the location they were researching. We also added content to the pages that are within Google’s webmaster guidelines.
Our aim is to increase website traffic for Salt IT Solutions and at the same help them to increase their ROI through PPC campaigns.

Web Development

Web Design



The Results

Salt IT Solutions received a fully responsive website with a custom WordPress backend, tailored with over more than 20 post types. Our efforts in design outmatched their competitors in terms of originality and user experience. We have developed robust ERP and CRM modules for Salt IT Solutions for managing their operational activities and accounts management with our efficient ERP solutions that will ultimately improve their productivity and sales.

Within six months and just more than 15 pages indexed, Salt IT Solutions gained over 700 keywords with more keywords on page one and in the top three positions. The website now receives more than lacs Organic visits per month and 780,000 are new users!