The Challenge

Our client, iDevice, recently founded his organization lacking in social media presence or awareness. iDevice deals in repairing all kind of Apple products and they want to expand their business in social media platforms, Our biggest challenge was to increase the brand awareness of the organization by leveraging our social media skills and influencer relationships. Our goal was to create the multiple social media accounts and build the social following of iDevice through our influencer relationships and organic social engagement.

6,900 Total Growth in 4 Months

362 Total Comments

13,020 Total Likes

20 Pieces of Secured Coverage in 1 Month

The Strategy

The Social team kickstarted the social media efforts for iDevice, creating a Facebook and Instagram account. Our PR team was then able to reach out to our established relationships and facilitate posts on their social media accounts, targeting Instagram in particular. In addition, our PR and Social teams collaborated to find the best new opportunities to reach out to directly from the social media accounts. Our goal was not only to increase the following, awareness, and engagement with the new non-profit organization, but also to facilitate quality photos that can be used on the new social media accounts.


The Results

We secured 30 pieces of influencer coverage in the form of Instagram in just very few months. All of the influencers we worked with have large followings between 10,000 to 50,000 with a highly engaged audience. These influencers contributed to the iDevice growth over the span of five months that have grown from 0 to 6,900 followers.

Other than the brand awareness, engagement, and growth in followers, we also received the high-resolution images from each influencer that they had posted in order to repurpose across the iDevice social media accounts.