The Challenge

DataX is a leading data recovery firm in today’s time, it provides data recovery services as well as the recovery software for the retrieval of data.
But in earlier days it was not like the way as it is today….It was a brand new venture with new ideas and even newer website when they first approach us.
A fresh website comes with inherent challenges for Search engine marketing, web development etc. Their first question to our professionals is to how to increase their website and targeted audience at local as well as global level. This was the most crucial case with DataX during their first couple months in business, even for Branded Search terms.
They have the sound technical structure for the website, but what about the website ranking. How it gonna rank in top search engines like Google etc.
Our key challenge with DataX is to increase website rankings in the Giant search engines along with the optimized keywords keeping in mind.
Our goal is to boost website traffic and increase organic search rankings in giant search engines, while increasing impressions on the “DataX” branded search keywords.

197.8% Increase in Conversion Rate

800 New Keywords

527% Increase in Organic Traffic

The Strategy

The dedicated and passionate team at Blackmint is excelling in providing high search engine rankings and enormous traffic to their global clients. But before Blackmint will make a move to apply their secret SEO strategies to DataX website, we needed to explore the content related issues and perform a deep website analysis so that the further SEO operations work in a better and efficient way.

Blackmint team worked passionately to enhance the on-page and off-page elements starting with a backlink analysis and clean up. We also implemented a long-tail keyword research and content optimization, technical implementation, and external link building practices.

We applied proven, localized Paid Search strategies to customize DataX presence in each of their markets across the US. This includes landing pages, callouts to cities in ad copy, bidding on keywords with local permutations, and tailoring keyword themes by popular products in each region.



The Results

Within just five months and more than 80% pages are indexed, DataX gained over 700 keywords with more keywords on page one and in the top three positions. In addition, 197.8% increase in conversion rate and 527% increase in organic traffic. Furthermore, the website now receives more than 10 k organic visits per month and 5 k are new users!