Are You Doing These Things to Promote Your Business?

Around 3 billion people across the globe are online.  When they want a product or service, they don’t wait for an ad to appear on television, scour magazine ads, or heaven forbid, pick up a phone book.  They go to the Internet and search via search engines or social sites, because these ways do promise fast results and relevant content – and generally increase sales.

Every business owner wants to put their products or services in front of their potential customers. Earlier the traditional ways cost money and not everyone can buy TV ADs when they are just starting up the business. No need to worry it is still possible to successfully promote your business without spending a lot of money.

Let’s dive in and see how you can generate more traffic, more leads, and more conversions for your business.

Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

What is the first thing you do when planning to buy something? Well, they immediately search for that product or service on Google. First of all, they try to collect as much information as they can about the concerned product and then they search for the sellers who sell that product. So, if your website is not appearing in Google engine that means you virtually do not exist.

How can we fix this? The most right and easy way is to appoint someone who can optimize your website for search engine ranking but even in that case you need to be aware of the process, otherwise you might end up getting penalized by Google.

Apply The Power Of Social Media

To start with social media campaigns, you should create profiles on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. This will not only help you get more customers but you can engage them and get quality feedback about your products or services. The social media platform such as Twitter & Facebook page alone amounts for 20% of our total traffic.

If you post daily on social media platforms, you will gain more popularity and get loyal customers. The more no. of customers leads to more traffic and ultimately more sales.

List Your Products In Business Directories

Buyers search for vendors in popular business directories. If you sell B2B products, add a free listing on IndiaMart, Trade India and Indian Yellow Pages. These are some well known business to business directories.

If you sell directly to customers, list free on Just Dial, Ask Me and Get It. These services offer mobile apps and attract huge traffic. You can list services as well on these sites for free.

Get engaged with Question Answer round

When people usually get jammed and seeking to solve their problems, they turn up to specific platforms on Internet. Question Answers sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers are popular places where you can find new customers. People can also post their questions on Linkedin Groups.

So how can you benefit from it? Create account profile on these questionnaire sites and start searching for your product or service. People might be asking about the top companies that sell this product or comparisons between different products and so on. You will definitely get a good amount of traffic every month via Quora.

There can be more other methods to promote your business other than this. Just try to be creative and think out of the box before investing your time and cost to promote your business.

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